Basing on the results of 2014, Zavolzhsky Motorny Zavod has received the Certificate of Pension Fund RF as a responsible insurance policy holder.


In 2014 ZMZ transferred more than 80 Mio Rub. of insurance contributions for insurance and storage pension part to budget of Pension Fund RF.

Shareholders annual meeting of Zavolzhsky Motorny Zavod


At the shareholders annual meeting of «Zavolzhsky Motorny Zavod» taken place 4th June 2015 were approved annual report of joint-stock company, annual accounting report including profit and loss statement, distribution of profit and losses, Charter of public company «Zavolzhsky Motorny Zavod» in new edition and constitution «About the Board of directors» in new edition.

At Zavolzhsky Motorny Zavod in the context of the comprehensive reengineering of industrial area is realized the project for new logistic centre for components and finished products engines, with the project investment cost of 35 million rubles.


The project orientation is the cost reduction in the segment transport and manufacturing processes.

Zavolzhskiy motorny zavod actively uses its competence and educational base for training of the staff of other companies.


Demand for rendering services by ZMZ increases every year. If according to results of 2010 ZMZ rendered paid service on training of the staff for 30 companies for amount of 0,6 MIO RUR,so for 2014 – more than 1,6 MIO RUR, and client base of «ZMZ» currently amounts to 55 enterprises and organizations, also due to increase by 10 new external clients more in 2014.

Zavolzhsky Motorny Zavod implements the preproduction engineering phase of EURO-5-engine project in accordance with approved schedule.


At the time the petrol four-cylinder Euro-5-engines (2,7-l), developed for the UAZ-vehicle family, are being tested on a test route as vehicle-mounted.

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