OAOZavolzhskiy motorny zavod (is a branch of SOLLERS) has produced pilot lot of updated clutch for petrol engines supplied to assembly of perspective model range of UAZ vehicles: UAZ-Patriot, UAZ-Pickup, UAZ-Cargo, UAZ-Patriot Sport, UAZ-


Since January 2011 ZMZ will make industrial output and supplies of updated clutch for UAZ program.

Award of Q-1 supplier diploma for OAO "Zavolzhskiy motorny zavod"


There has been a ceremony of presentation of Diploma for OAO ZMZ, that confirms status of Ford Q1-supplier and have been informed about supplies of automotive components made by OAO ZMZ on Ford orders for Ford European plants in Spain and Germany.

In frames of program the presentation of ZMZ project was made on mastering of production and on supplies of brackets on Ford orders, briefing with participation of Ford Russia Purchasing director , Aleksandr Zaitzev, and General director OAOZMZ and OAO UAZ, Sergei Jurasov, and acting minister of Industry and innovation of Nizhniy Novgorod region, Igor Sazonov on subject: Development of cooperation with Ford Company going out to export level has been made.

Zavolzhskiy motorny zavod (a branch of SOLLERS) passed positively inspection audit of organization management system (OMS) on confirmation of Correspondence certificate validity to requirements of international automotive standard ISO/TS 16 94



Auditors of German society of certification body TUV SUD MANAGEMENT SERVICE from 25 to 29 October according to rules of certification after one year since certification audit checked efficiency of OMS realization in ZMZ and also effectiveness of processes.

Zavolzhskiy motorny zavod (a branch of SOLLERS) has started to realize project on manufacturing of modernized clutch for petrol engines supplied for kitting of UAZ vehicles.



Project with volume of investments 10, 0 mln RUR is directed on increase of quality level and improvement of consumer characteristics of vehicle and loading of ZMZ actual capacities and cost decrease.

Preproduction of steering links for UAZ cars is conducted at JSC "Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod" (affiliate company of JSC "SOLLERS" company).


Preproduction of steering links for UAZ cars is conducted at JSC "Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod" (affiliate company of JSC "SOLLERS" company).

The project is aimed at the current capacity utilization of a plant and realized in accordance with the plan for development of automobile component production at ZMZ.

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