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Realization of measure on improvement of quality


On industrial site of PAO «ZMZ» in engine production shop of ZF LLC «UAZ» there has been realized measure with investments in size of about 7 million rubles, directed on quality improvement of “409th” family engines supplied for kitting of vehicles UAZ and aftersales.

  In frames of corporate program on improvement of output products quality on main assembly conveyor of 4-cylinder engines there has been introduced a robotized unit for applying sealant on engine oil housing. This technological operation on applying sealant was performed manually before.

Robotized unit excludes dependence on human factor in execution of assembly operation and provides as with quality of parts connection, so with sufficient efficiency required for assembly of engine. As a result it allows excluding during operation of engine any leakage of oil between cylinder block and oil housing.

It should be noted that regarding «409th» family in frames of program «Quality» there has been realized one more measure directed on increase if reliability of engines: application of gaskets with sealing band, that allows to exclude occurrence of defect «oil and liquid leakage from engine».



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