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A product range expansion project in relation to machined components for in-house needs with project investment cost of ca 2 million rubles was implemented in Zavolzhsky Motorny Zavod.


In accordance with approved schedule was carried out preproduction and developed the serial production of new component – pump bracket for 409-ZMZ engine for UAZ vehicles. The significance of this project consists in the fact, that this component earlier was supplied from second party.

Alexey Lazarev, the production manager of PAO ZMZ, notes: «By implementation of this project are resolved two key issues: cost reduction for output goods and assurance of additional capacity utilization of machining equipment. All together is directed to competitive engine price maintenance and as a corollary - maintenance of market requirement, as well maintenance of jobs. It is timely by current economic conditions characterized with price increase of natural monopoly and purchased components».

It should be noted that, the project was implemented by the team of ZMZ specialists: technologists, production worker, programmers, and employees of sub-company «Remservice».

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