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Shareholders annual meeting of ОАО «Zavolzhsky Motorny Zavod»


At the shareholders annual meeting of ОАО «Zavolzhsky Motorny Zavod» taken place 4th June 2015 were approved annual report of joint-stock company, annual accounting report including profit and loss statement, distribution of profit and losses, Charter of public company «Zavolzhsky Motorny Zavod» in new edition and constitution «About the Board of directors» in new edition.


The meeting has taken decision not pay dividends both for ordinary and for preferred shares according to the results of 2014 and not distribute profit due to losses of reporting finance year 2014.


The shareholders meeting chose the Board of directors and auditing committee of ОАО «ZMZ».

Auditor of Company for 2015 approved the auditing company ZAO «Auditing company «AVAL-Yaroslavl».


Following persons have been elected in new Board of Directors:


1. Zoya Atatzhanovna Kaika - Deputy Director General of ОАО « SOLLERS»,

2. Alexey Rustamovich Kurbanaev -Director General of ОАО «ZMZ»,

3. Alexey Vyacheslavovich Matasov - Production Director of ОАО «UAZ»,

4. Andrey Alexandrovich Ovchinnikov – Chief Financial Officer of ОАО «UAZ»,

5. Marina Anatoljevna Remizova – Manager of Legal Affairs and Privity of ОАО «ZMZ»,

6. Natalia Evgenjevna Salova – Chief of Management of corporate property and company's assets of ОАО «ZMZ»,

7. Michail Vyacheslavovich Sanin - Director of Legal Affairs of OAO «UAZ»,

8. Nikolay Alexandrovich Sobolev - First Deputy Director General, Chief Financial Officer of OAO “SOLLERS”

9.Viktor Michailovich Khvesenya - Director of Legal Affairs of OAO “SOLLERS”.

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