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At Zavolzhsky Motorny Zavod in the context of the comprehensive reengineering of industrial area is realized the project for new logistic centre for components and finished products – engines, with the project investment cost of 35 million rubles.


The project orientation is the cost reduction in the segment transport and manufacturing processes.

The logistics centre is built with Brownfield approach, when a new object will be developed though modernization and reconstruction of the active production areas. The centre or the store, that meets all up-to-date requirements, is built on the area of engineering building #5, where the engine assembly lines and production of key components are located. Its total area covers some 3000 square meters, where 8 stores will be concentrated, previously located on the industrial area of ZMZ. The stock rotation is reduced to 10 days – that is half as much in comparison with previous schedule.

The centre consist of two sections: parts kitting area, from which the parts come to engine assembly conveyer and shipping department for finished product – engines according to request of key customers.

In the store room are mounted modern high-level storage racks, the storage operation is automatized, there is installed Wi-Fi that ensure the operation of the barring coding system, and the video surveillance is arranged.

The opening of this centre makes possible to manage stock resources effective, to bring component parts nearer to the assembly lines and thereby to optimize transports stream. In addition, it will be solved the problem of safety and records of components parts. And thanks to the application of modern equipment the working conditions for employees are improved.

All this enables every day, every hour to ship engines of different modifications to customers, to optimize engineering and transport processes, and to make flow of inventories transparent.

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