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“Zavolzhsky Motorny Zavod” implements the preproduction engineering phase of EURO-5-engine project in accordance with approved schedule.


At the time the petrol four-cylinder Euro-5-engines (2,7-l), developed for the UAZ-vehicle family, are being tested on a test route as vehicle-mounted.

In additional to that, according to the joint plan with another key customer PAZ (Pavlovsky bus plant), in the chief designer department of ZMZ, the preliminary calibration works are completed for eight-cylinder Euro-5-engine with petrol as engine fuel. Also calibration works with liquefied gas for duel-fuel (gas-petrol) eight-cylinder engine are carrying out.

In the second calendar quarter of 2015 all these works should be completed and the engine should be delivered to the customer to carry out certification tests of vehicle.

Note. Eight cylinder ZMZ-engines (as petrol- and fuel duel-versions) are intended for mounting on three versions of the middle PAZ busses. Dual-fuel engine will run on petrol and compressed natural gas / liquefied petroleum gas. It should allow to cut down expenses for vehicle.

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