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“Zavolzhsky Motorny Zavod” started the realization of the successive stage of the project for EURO-5-engine production - preproduction engineering with total investments of 54 mio.rub.


By the first stage of the project in 2014 the development of those engines was carried out and the prototypes were delivered to the customers. In particular in December of last year two eight-cylinder engines were delivered to PAZ (Pavlovsky bus plant) to test the engines as bus-mounted. The prototypes of four-cylinder engines for UAZ-vehicles are run winter test. The first trial party in the quantity of 20 four-cylinder engines was delivered to the new customer of JSC «ZMZ» - to company «BAU-RUS» to carry out the preliminary estimate of engines mounted in small commercial vehicles.

The delivery of engines EURO-5 in batch quantities should be started from January 2016.

Note. The petrol four-cylinder engine (2,7-l) was developed for the UAZ-vehicle family. The gas four-cylinder-engine (2,7-l) was developed for the BAU-RUS-commercial vehicle family. And eight-cylinder engines as gas-and duel fuel versions - for the PAZ vehicles. Dual-fuel engine will run on petrol and compressed natural gas / liquefied petroleum gas.

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