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Following the results of 9 months 2014 "Zavolzhsky Motorny Zavod" has derived the proceeds in amount of 30,5 million rbl. (without VAT) from infrastructure service for residents of industrial park


Particularly for rendering of such services as heat and water supply engineering, sewage disposal, repair and maintenance of utilities, the profit amounts 24,4 million rubles.


The proceeds for engineering supervision for upkeep and construction of building and facilities, all-year servicing of outdoor areas around buildings assigned to residents, asphalt laying and selling of asphalt-concrete amount more than 6,1 million rubles.


Since 2012 develops “ZMZ” this new departure - rendering of paid infrastructure services for residents of industrial park, i.e. for companies «LEONI», «Daido Metal Rus», «Trelleborg», «Flaig+Hommel», «SOLLERS-Spezautomobili», «FERRUM», «NPO Technograd», «PROJECT MODEL», «Knorr Bremse», «Polyunion», NPP "Modul".

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Zavolzhsky Motor Plant,
Address: 1a, Sovetskaya str., Zavolshye, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia, 606522
phone: (83161) 32578,
fax: (83161) 37242,
e-mail: zmz@zmz.ru

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