Zavolzhskiy motorny zavod with positive results past the second planned audit of organization management system (OMS) in GOST system with expansion of the certification area to the subsidiary companies - ZMZ-Avtokomponent and OOO Motor.



From 21th to 22th April Russian experts of Certification body “Russian Maritime Register of Shipping” inspected efficiency of management system operation of OAO “ZMZ” and its subsidiary companies - «ZMZ-Avtokomponent» and «Motor» - on correspondence to requirements of standard GOST ISO 9001 version 2011.


The experts appraised all key processes acting in the scope of the OMS and added certification area, particularly infrastructure services, metrological service and personnel management.


On all processes experts found definite quantity of confirmations on correspondence to OMS requirements of given standard. Critical non-correspondences were not determined.


Summarizing results the manager of auditor team Natalia Pavlina noticed that «ZMZ maintains mature, effective and stable organization management system, support high efficiency actual processes as well as newly entered processes in spite of realized restructing of business».


On the base of evaluation criteria the inspection committee made conclusions that management system of OAO “ZMZ”, «ZMZ-Avtokomponent» and «Motor» corresponds to necessary requirements of standard GOST ISO 9001-2011 and will recommend Certification Body to issue the certificate.

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