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Annual meeting of OAO «Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod» stockholders will take place on the 29th of April 2014.


This decision was taken at the meeting of the Board of Directors OAO «ZMZ» (minutes #17 dd. 13.03.2014, minutes # 20 dd. 31.03.2014).


The following issues will be considered on the Annual meeting by the stockholders:

  1. Approval of the Annual report of OAO «ZMZ» for 2013.
  2. Approval of annual accounting reports of PJSC «ZMZ» for 2013, including profit-and-loss report.
  3. Approval of OAO «ZMZ» profit-and-loss distribution according to the results of financial year 2013.
  4. Approval of the Charter of the Public Joint-Stock Company «Zawolzhskiy Motorny Zawod» in new edition.
  5. Approval of the Regulations «About meeting of OAO «Zawolzhskiy Motorny Zawod» stockholders» in new edition.
  6. Election of the members of Board of Directors OAO «ZMZ».
  7. Election of the members of auditing committee of OAO «ZMZ».
  8. Approval of OAO «ZMZ» auditor for 2014 financial year.
  9. Approval of interrelated transactions, in execution of which there is some interest.


The voting bulletin at annual general meeting of OAO “ZMZ” contains 11 candidates for 9 benches for board of directors.

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