Contract between RosALit and ZF Kama


Subsidiary company of OAO Zavolzhsky motorny zavod Foundry RosALit in frames of strategy on expansion of order portfolio and increase of capacity load has concluded a contract with OOO ZF KAMA for serial supplies of 6 names of aluminum castings of cases for gear boxes, which are installed in KAMAZ vehicles.


Contract validity period is from 2013 till 2016. According to terms of the contract serial industrial supplies are planned to start in 2013. Summary annual volume of supplies of all names of casting workpieces will amount to about 100 K pcs in the beginning with perspective to increase upto 130 K pcs.

Currently schedule of activities on preproduction is confirmed. In accordance with the schedule before start of supplies the activities on manufacturing of dies, mastering of technologies, updating of actual equipment and purchase of measuring devices including x-ray device for definition of subcutaneous casting defects are implemented.

Manufacturing of sample castings is scheduled at the end of 2012 .

According to Manager of technical department of OAO ZMZ - director of Foundry RosALit Andrey Matushin, given contract has strategic importance, as mastering of production of aluminum castings under orders of the large company of Russian automotive industry opens prospects for cooperation with international automotive companies, which work in Russian market.


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