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First EURO-4 engine has been assembled in main assembly conveyor of OAO “Zavolzhsky motorny zavod» (a branch of SOLLERS group) .


First EURO-4 engine has been assembled in main assembly conveyor of OAO “Zavolzhsky motorny zavod» (a branch of SOLLERS group) .

This 4-cylinder gasoline engine ZMZ-40905 (2,7 l.) is for kitting of UAZ vehicles. Its assembly, for mastering of production process, has been done in mode of serial production under supervision of R&D project managers and under preproduction of EURO-4 engines.

27 original parts are installed to new engine but basic parts and engine systems are the same as they have been unitized with previous engine family «Euro-3».

Design changes mainly are applied to electronic system of engine control, its components, ventilation system and valve control drive. Its power characteristics and mechanical properties are the same as within Euro-3 engine.

Concerning differences, strict requirements on pollution of harmful substances and noise level are applied to Euro-4 engine. That’s why one of key points realized in new engine is use of valve control mechanisms with teeth chains which directed on decrease of noise level.

New assembled engine has tests in ZMZ R&D shop, where according approved procedure main characteristics are registered for validation of technical specifications –power parameters, noise, start-up qualities and so on.


Technical specifications are, per se, passport of engine. They are made on base of technical specifications requested by customer – Uljanovskiy automotive plant. If this conformance to targeted parameters is achieved, decision about serial production will be taken according to qualified tests results and on the base of reports and conclusions about assembly.

According to actual technical regulations time of start of Euro-4 vehicles production is planned on 1st January 2012.

Engine manufacturers will be ready to supply these engines on customer orders since beginning of next year.


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