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ОАО «Zawolzsky Motorny Zawod» prepares for inspection audit within the limits of standard ISO/TS 16949.


ОАО «Zawolzsky Motorny Zawod» (to be a part of company " SOLLERS ") prepares for inspection audit within the limits of standard ISO/TS 16 949.  

The seminar for a compliance with the requirements of international automobile standard ISO/TS 16949 took place for managers of top and middle structural unit of management according to the plot of preparation for the next inspection audit of business management system from 16th till 21st of May at ZMZ.

Themes of the 40-hour educational program were principle statements and requirements of the standard and actual interpretations of the standard as well.

Standard ISO/TS 16949 was been already introduced in the acting management system of ZMZ as Mrs. Müller, the project manager of consulting company " QUASIMA ", remarked at this seminar. But by virtue of that this standard to the greater extent than other analogous normative documents is orientated to the conditions of the automobile market which constantly is astir; therefore its requirements often acquire different interpretation. Knowledge in this area is necessary to bring up to date in due time to match to changes of the standard and be ready to an audit. Changes of a standard especially concerns the developers of acting normative documents in department of a factory which are bound to be estimated by auditors and the owners of the processes which are responsible for process control as well.

It is necessary to classify this seminar to be nonstandard. It has been prepared by Mrs. Mueller in view of specific character and actual problems of Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod the managers and the specialists of which had been already working successfully on the development of requirements of ISO/TS 16949 for a long time.

Upon termination of learning all the listeners of a seminar should systematize all gained information and tailor it to a practical application in order the management system of ZMZ work even more reliably at local sections and the planned inspection audit would gain an appreciation on this autumn.

According to the certification rules ОАО ZMZ which passed the certification of the management system per ISO/TS 16949:2009 in November, 2009, should confirm the validity of the granted Certificate annually.

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