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Cost Reduction Program according to the results of 2010


An economy more than 114 million rubles was reached by ОАО "Zawolzsky Motorny Zawod" (ОАО "ZMZ" is a part of the holding company "Sollers") within the bounds of Cost Reduction Program according to the results of 2010.

These results were a success owing to realization of technical-organizational actions of the cost reduction program.

We developed and introduced 314 actions including such as energy saving, switch over to alternative purchases with the observation of "price - quality" principle, processing procedure optimization, application of more advanced tools and auxiliaries, cost reduction of equipment maintenance, change the type of transport for delivery of rough workpieces and metal from the railway transport to the motor ones in 2010.

In addition the cost reduction work includes the design effort aimed at the optimization of part dimensions and weight, application of alternative materials and fixing elements, advanced rough workpieces, part cost saving without detriment to engine safety and life.

"Quality circles" at production areas of ZMZ bring the contribution to the achieved results of cost reduction as well. Saving rate connected with introduction of the submitted offers by employees of the enterprise in various spheres of production makes more than 2,7 million rubles in 2010.


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