Award of Q-1 supplier diploma for OAO "Zavolzhskiy motorny zavod"


There has been a ceremony of presentation of Diploma for OAO ZMZ, that confirms status of Ford Q1-supplier and have been informed about supplies of automotive components made by OAO ZMZ on Ford orders for Ford European plants in Spain and Germany.

In frames of program the presentation of ZMZ project was made on mastering of production and on supplies of brackets on Ford orders, briefing with participation of Ford Russia Purchasing director , Aleksandr Zaitzev, and General director OAOZMZ and OAO UAZ, Sergei Jurasov, and acting minister of Industry and innovation of Nizhniy Novgorod region, Igor Sazonov on subject: Development of cooperation with Ford Company going out to export level has been made.


Project with Ford company is first project of  ZMZ on production and supplies of components on orders of foreign automotive company.

It was open in February 2009, when ZMZ in frames of contract with ZAO Ford Motor Company started to supply 4 types of brackets (3 types of brackets for fixing of transmission and one for fixing of conditioner) for vehicles Ford- Focus assembled in Vsevolzhsk.

Aluminium castings of brackets are made by subsidiary enterprise of ZMZ Foundry RosALit, and machining of parts are made in speedy machining centers Heckert in ZMZ shop of Aluminium parts .

Customer receives completely finished parts for assembly into vehicle.

During year of cooperation ZMZ didnt get any remarks concerning quality of supplied parts from Customer.

As a Ford supplier, ZMZ was registered in European data base of automotive components producers.

In second half of 2010 the project on supplies went out abroad of Russian market.

Going out of OAO ZMZ to export level as a supplier of components for foreign company became possible thanks to made work in enterprise in sphere of quality on correspondence to requirements of new automotive standard ISO/TS 16 949 , making of production system on base of Toyota Production System elements and provision with 100-percent quality of supplied parts.

Confirmation of FORD trust level for ZMZ, as for supplier that corresponds to international and specific requirements of the company, was the awarding for Zavolzhskiy motorny Zavod a high degree of Q1-supplier.

Assessment of OAOZMZ on correspondence to special requirements of Q1-supplier status was made by Ford representatives.


30th September 2010, ZMZ prepared and delivered first industrial lot of bracket CD (bracket for fixing of conditioner) for vehicles Ford-Focus-3 produced by Ford company in Europe: for plant in Valencia (Spain) and in Saarlouis (Germany).

Currently ZMZ simultaneously supplies brackets for Ford plants in Vsevolzhsk and in Europe.


Total volume of OAO ZMZ investments on mastering of production of brackets amounted to 25 Mln RUR. Investments have been spent on purchase of equipment and tools.

In terms of crises the project allowed to keep working places of production personnel of ZMZ and RosALit with high 6-th qualification level.

Capacities on production of all range of brackets are made on 200 thousand pcs per year.


Currently volumes of monthly supplies (Russia Vsevolzhsk and Europe) are about 21,0 thousand pcs of parts. Of them about 15,0 thousand pcs for Europe.


Totally in 2010 ZMZ plans to produce and supply on orders of Ford 120,0 thousand brackets: of them 75 thousand pcs for Vsevolzhsk and 45 thousand pcs for Europe.

Plans for 2011 to produce and supply to Ford about 200 thousand pcs of brackets. Of them 130 thousand pcs to Europe.


Currently ZMZ on request of Ford company works out possibility to develop capacities on production of brackets CD up to 360 thousand pcs per year

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