Accreditation certificate for engineering competence


Test center Motor of OAO Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod has confirmed the validity of Accreditation certificate for engineering competence in certification system GOST R and international ISO standard.

The current Accreditation certificate of test center Motor was issued OAO ZMZ in 2009 with a period of validity up to 2014, within this period the center will be twice subjected to technical inspection.

In accordance with an inspection checkup plan the center has been inspected by Certification commission INSAT (N. Novgorod) after being awarded the Accreditation certificate n.

On inspection result a member of commission - certification expert Mrs. Galina Konokova stated that the center has a good level of engineering. In Privolzhsky area, specifically in Nizhny Novgorod and other nearby regions this center is the only one having such an up-to-date equipment, more over in differs from similar facilities by its customer oriented tendency and price policy. This is the evidence that the plants management is interested in supporting plants technical state on the world level standards.

By the way, last year the Motor center carried out 105 tests, including 102 certification tests completing corresponding documents. Test objects were engines, assemblies, parts and units.

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