Results of annual general meeting of shareholders


Annual general meeting of shareholders of Zawolzhsky Motorny Zavod (to enter into the holding of OAO SOLLERS) took place on May, 5th. Annual report of Company, profit and loss account, annual accounts, distribution of profit and as well as the Charter of "ZMZ", a statute About general meeting of shareholders of " ZMZ " and a statute About board of directors of " ZMZ " were confirmed in a new wording at the general meeting.

The public accountant of Company the auditor KSK AUDIT Co Ltd. was approved for 2010.

The general meeting made a decision not to pay out dividends both equities and preference shares on results of 2009. The net profit of the enterprise will be directed to implementation of investment projects and research and development of advanced production of ZMZ.


The shareholder meeting was chosen the board of directors in quantity 9 person.

It is consists of:

Zornikov Viktor Viktorovich - chief of the scientific and technical center of SOLLERS, Ishbulatov Roman Kasimovich - a lawyer of the Moscow representation of a firm NCH advisors, Inc., Kaika Zoja Atadzhanovna - director on public relations and state structures of SOLLERS, Lbov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich - chief of department of sale of automobile components of ZMZ, Rukhani Konstantin Dzhavadovich - executive director of ZMZ, Sobolev Nikolay Aleksandrovich financial director of SOLLERS, Khvesenja Viktor Mikhajlovich director on legal matters of SOLLERS, Khodosevich Nikolay Alekszndrovich - purchasing and localization director of SOLLERS; Shvetsov Vadim Arkadjevich general director of SOLLERS.



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