OAO Zawolzhsky motorny zawod decreased disposal of waste by 44% in 2009 in comparison with 2008.


OAO Zawolzhsky motorny zawod (is a branch of OJSC SOLLERS) decreased disposal of waste by 44% in 2009 in comparison with 2008.

Gross contaminant emission to environment was decreased by 13,1%, water consumption was decreased by 25%, gross discharge of contaminants to Volga river was decreased by 28%, volume of contaminants in this waste was decreased by 25%.

Examination of wastewater on contents of toxic substances showed no toxic.

Since December 2004 ZMZ makes simultaneous processing of oil slime formed in functional production and collected in waste polygon. In 2009, 18 875 tons of oil slime were processed, including 6 072 tones removed from polygon. 586 tones of recycled product have been recovered.


In 2009 according to annual evaluation of business ecological efficiency the shares of OJSC ZMZ have been put in portfolio of Environmental Stock Index NERAX-Eco for 2010.


For 2010 in frames of nature-conservative measures ZMZ has planned a project on reconstruction and modernization of functional station of industrial effluent neutralization with investment in size of 8,0 mln RUR.



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