OJSC Zavolzhskiy Motor Plant (a brunch of OJSCSOLLERS) has introduced procedure of claims management.


OJSC Zavolzhskiy Motor Plant (a brunch of OJSCSOLLERS) introduced procedure of claims management. 


Procedure of claims management has been introduced in accordance with requirements of international automotive standard ISO/TS 16 949, certification on correspondence to this standard will take place at ZMZ this autumn.

Before it ZMZ was engaged only in consideration of claims, which have been from consumers, concerning quality of output products. Now ZMZ consider claims concerning all directions of activity: from quality and organization of supplies up to calculation system, because certification according to ISO/TS 16 949 gives guarantee, that actual organization management system (OMS) in enterprise provides with execution of all main requirements of consumers. For ZMZ they are automotive plants, where engines are supplied for building vehicles, and organizations of goods distribution networks, maintenance stations, and car owners.

In order to expand channels of claims receipt in enterprise in the head page of web-cite of OJSC ZMZ (www. there is a special chapter Complaints and suggestions. In enterprise in quality management department there is a specialist who is responsible for readdressing of complaints on directions and for tracking course of their execution and for replying to applicants about results.

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