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Internal audit of Organization Management System (OMS) took place in OJSC"Zavolzhskiy Motor Plant"


25 th May 2009

In OJSC «Zavolzhskiy motor plant» (a branch of OJSC «SOLLERS») in frames of preparation for certification on correspondence to international automotive standard requirements ISO/TS 16 949 the internal audit of organization management system (OMS) took place.


The expert estimation was carried out with the purpose to define efficiency of OMS function. Such intermediate check is a necessary stage allowing to the enterprise to take corrective measures and to provide with a base for successful overcome of direct certification audit appointed for autumn of this year.

The matter is that according to rules of certification on ISO/TS 16949, the enterprise first of all should introduce OMS in itself, corresponding to given international standard. The system should "fulfill" one calendar year, and only after that it can be submitted on certification by the international certification bodies.

OMS Introduction in ZMZ took place on 1st October 2008. Great volume of work on identification and the description of management processes and development of a new enterprise Policy and standards of the organization and Quality Guidelines has preliminary been carried out.

OMS is a higher step in relation to quality management system as covers all activity of the enterprise. And, accordingly, it is more complicated system as it is based on the process approach with application of the purposes suppose circuit


According to the auditor of consulting German firm " QuaSima ", Mrs. Muller, who has carried out an intermediate expert estimation, OMS in ZMZ is declared and also functions.

For Zavolzhskiy motor plant the certification on ISO/TS 16949 is essentially important as it is directed on increase of competitiveness of the enterprise in the market of automotive components.


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