New production of OJSC Zavolzhskiy Motor Plant (a branch of holding OJSCSOLLERS) is protected with patents.


30th March 2009

New production of OJSC Zavolzhskiy Motor Plant (a branch of holding OJSCSOLLERS) is protected with patents.

OJSC "ZMZ "is recognized as the winner in nominations    The Best Industrial sample in sphere of ground transport " and " the Best

Useful model in sphere of transport on results of III competition of intellectual property objects, the Patent of the year , for competition of the premium under name of I.P.Kulibin, Nizhniy Novgorod Region

In this year about 30 industrial enterprises and organizations participated and represented more than 100 patents in 4 nominations.

Zavolzhskiy Motor Plant has introduced 5 developments. All of them have been highly appreciated. Celebration of winners took place in the House of scientists in Nizhniy Novgorod.

So, in nomination the Best industrial sample of year in the Nizhniy Novgorod region in sphere of ground transport all prize-winning places have been given to OJSC"ZMZ" by competent commission.


At once 3 diplomas first and second and third grades have been awarded to patents on industrial samples: internal combustion petrol engine (2 variants) ZMZ-40524.10 (2,5 l) and ZMZ-40525.10 (2,5 l), petrol automotive engine ZMZ-40904.10 (2,7 l) and in-line turbocharged diesel engine ZMZ-5143.10 (2,2 l) . In nomination The best useful model of the year in Nizhniy Novgorod Region in sphere of transport diplomas of second grade have been awarded to 2 patents on useful models cooling system of diesel engine ZMZ-5143.10 with recirculated gas cooler and EGR system of internal combustion turbocharged engines ZMZ-5143.10.

Its necessary to mention that engines and useful models represented for competition are produced serially in ZMZ. Patented engines correspond to Euro-3 and have potential to correspond to more strict environmental requirements. They are used in vehicles GAZel, Sobol, including state order, in off-road vehicles of Ulianovskiy automotive plant - UAZ-Patriot and UAZ-Hunter.

Authors of all developments are specialists of ZMZ Chief Designer Department, and all development activities have been done in its experimental base.

According to statement of ZMZ Head Designer, Mikhail Mironychev, receipt of patents on output product is a very important event for enterprise. First of all, the patent confirms that product has high technical level and it is protected. Secondly, this is independent own development of enterprise, which it can dispose at its own discretion. It means to produce by itself, to sell proper the product and spare parts to the product for sale in market of automotive components and also to give licenses for right to produce by other manufacturers .

In 2008 OJSC ZMZ also was one of owners in the competition Patent of the year.

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