Annual meeting of Dealers and Distributors of OJSC"Zavolzhskiy Motor Plant" products


On 12th March 2009 annual meeting of dealers and distributors of spare parts of OJSC Zavolzhskiy motor plant took place.

100 representatives of dealer organizations in commodity distribution network took participation in work of meeting which represented all regions of Russia, CIS countries and Sirius, including managers of maintenance station, which have contract on guarantee with OJSC ZMZ.

Summarizing of activities in commodity distribution network in 2008 and discussion of purposes and tasks for 2009 have been done during this meeting.

According to statement of Manager, Automotive Components Sales Department, Alexandr Lbov, in accordance with decision on expansion and strengthening of positions in market of automotive components, OJSC ZMZ was actively realizing strategy Double life thoroughgoing quality in 2008. In frames of strategy many events were undertook from improvement of our production parts quality and obligatory tests of purchasable products, which are sold under brand of Double life, to expansion of corporate service network of ZMZ-double life and development of automotive components sales through maintenance stations. That at the end allowed to increase in 2008 proceeds from sales in the aftermarket to the fact of 2007 by 20,0 million RUR and to have result in 3 billion 857 million RUR.

With positive dynamic the indexes on export sales have been achieved increase of 11,8% with total volume of 599,0 million RUR. At that volumes of sales in CIS increased to fact of 2007 by 8% including Byelorussia and Bulgaria in 2 times, in Turkmenistan in 3,5 times and in Azerbaijan by 25%.

Projects on supplies of ZMZ engines were effectively realized for modernization of vehicles UAZ and completing of vehicles GAZ, which are used in far-abroad countries, first of all, in Cuba and Sirius. Increase of sales amounted to 45% and to 45,0 million RUR.

The task has been successfully executed on sale of engine oil under trade of ZMZ: ZMZ - the master , ZMZ - the professional , ZMZ - the original and ZMZ - the standard for the petrol engines produced by Zavolzhskiy Motor Plant. The total result of oil sales for 2008 amounted to 23,0 million RUR - in 2 times more than fact of 2007.

Main tasks on 2009.

Maintenance and strengthening and development of dealer network and network of maintenance stations, also by means of increase in quantity of maintenance stations, which serve ZMZ engines. On 1st January 2009 56 contracts on delivery of production have been already concluded, 819 organizations of subdealers have been certificated.

Within the framework of anti-recessionary measures for the Nizhniy Novgorod and Moscow dealers the postponement of payments under a bank guarantee has been introduced, procedure of delivery is simplified; production of an economy class has been introduced. To increase sales volumes in the secondary market by 18 %.

Awards for the best. At meeting the best dealers have been awarded for the big contribution in promotion of ZMZ production in Russian and foreign markets in 2008.

Honorary titles with rank assignment as the Reliable partner of OJSC "ZMZ", and also Honorable Diplomas in a nomination For active promotion of JSC "ZMZ" production had been awarded to 67 dealer organizations of Zavolzhskiy motor plant.

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