OAO Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod (ZMZ) is one of the largest production centers in Russia specializing in manufacturing of internal combustion engines. The enterprise produces more than 80 modifications of engines with displacement from 2,2 l to 4,67 l corresponding modern environment requirements for vehicles and buses of three Russian automobile companies OJSC UAZ, OJSC Pavlovskiy autobus, OJSC GAZ.


OAO ZMZ is a part of SOLLERS




Industrial park ZMZ

Zavolzhsky Motor Plant,
Address: 1a, Sovetskaya str., Zavolshye, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia, 606522
phone: (83161) 32578,
fax: (83161) 37242,
e-mail: zmz@zmz.ru

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