History of the factory


Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod has got the name after the name of "Zawolzhje" city located on the right bank of Volga river in 450 km from Moscow and in 60 km from the largest industrial centre of Russia - Nizhny Novgorod.

OAO “ ZMZ” is connected by railway with all regions of Russia, CIS and foreign countries.


Date of ZMZ establishment is the 17-th of April 1958. At the beginning in 1956 as the branch of GAS, the future giant of engine building produced auto spare parts and aluminum castings for Gorky and Moscow automobile factories. However in two years it was reorganized by the Commission 442 of USSR Council of Ministers into a factory for manufacture of engines for assembly of the vehicles produced by Gorky, Ulyanovsk and partially by Moscow automobile factories and was named as "Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod".

From the very beginning of the activity ZMZ invariably paid significant attention to development of progressive technologies. The history of the factory was accompanied by development of essentially new designs, introduction of advanced techniques and own innovations.

The first melting process of aluminum casting was comleted at ZMZ in November 1958.

In 1966 the factory for the first time in global practice had mastered mass production of large-sized cylinder blocks from aluminum alloys employing die-casting that allowed it to join in one line with well known world companies

In November 1959 the first 4-cylinder engine for "Volga" GAS – 21 vehicle was assembled at ZMZ.

In 1960 with the purpose of new engine models development the design - engineering department which included R&D department with research laboratories equipped with test beds, and with control and other equipment.

In 1961 batch production of 4-cylinder engines was launched.

In 1963 batch production of 8-cylinder engines for trucks of Gorky automobile plant was also launched at ZMZ.

The enterprise extended and increased capacities both due to construction of new shops, (such as foundry, engine production site, press shop, bearings and strip production site, steel and iron parts manufacturing site, heat treatment shop, engine assembly and test shop), and due to upgrade of current manufacture.

1967. Supplies of 8-cylinder engine had been started also for assembly in "PAZ" buses made by Pavlovo bus factory.

In December 1968 1000000-th 4-cylinder engine has been manufactured.

In 1971 general reconstruction of the production had been started. By 1978 engine production capacity was increased up to 450 thousand units per year.

In December 1972 the factory was awarded with the name “Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod" after the 50-anniversary of the USSR” by Decree of Supreme Soviet Presidium of RSFSR.

In April 1975 the 1000000-th 8-cylinder engine was made.

In February 1976 ZMZ was awarded with “Labor Red Banner” award as per the Decree of Supreme Soviet Presidium of RSFSR.

The 1980th were the period of growth of production capacities, reorganization of the enterprise.

In 1992 the shop of small series production was put into operation in which trial manufacture of new engine family - ZMZ-406, 4-cylinder, 16-valve, fuel controlled injection was organized.

In 1990th ZMZ designers developed a design of ZMZ-514.10 high-speed diesel engine (2,24 l), "Euro - 2" for cross-country vehicles and minibuses for the first time in Russian history.

In 2000 ZMZ became the first in Russia engine building enterprise, which certificated quality management system of the total manufacture meeting ISO 9001, the international standards requirements.

The new stage of Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod development is related to a name of the new proprietor of the enterprise

In 2001 OAO "ZMZ" has become a part of JSC "Severstal - auto" holding.

In 2002 the manufacture of first trial production lots of ZMZ-514 diesel engine was launched at ZMZ jobbing plant for field trials in the secondary market.

In 2002 the unique automated system of planning and expense accounting was introduced. The system has no analogues at the mass production enterprises of Russian mechanical engineering.

In September 2003 ZMZ has certificated quality management system of the total production on conformity to requirements of international standards ISO 9001, versions 2000.

In November 2003 the design and pre-production models of the first series of ZMZ-215.10, 4-cylinder petrol engine (2,5 l), "Euro - 3" were developed and made at ZMZ.

In 2003 the introduction of the industrial system based on Toyota Production System components have been initiated at ZMZ.

On the 28-th of April, 2004 the 13000000-th engine has left ZMZ main assembly line.

In November, 2005 new assembly line was applied in production and industrial production of ZMZ-5143 diesel engine, economy class (2,24 l), meeting "Euro - 2" for UAZ-HANTER vehicles was launched at ZMZ jobbing plant.

On the 8-th of November, 2005 1000000-th engine of ZMZ-406 family was assembled.

The reorganization was completed at ZMZ in 2005.

Six subsidiary production units were established on the basis of tool, press, foundry production sites, plane bearings production site, equipment repair and maintenance service, transportation department: "Spetzinstrument" Ltd., " Factory " Metalloform » Ltd., " Foundry " RosAlit » Ltd., «ZMZ-Plane Bearings» Ltd., " ZMZ-Transservice" Ltd.

The main target of the enterprise, engine manufacture is focused at OAO "ZMZ».

On the 8-th of August 2006 the 1000-th ZMZ-5143 diesel engine (2,2 l), "Euro - 2" for " UAZ-HUNTER " vehicle of Ulyanovsk automobile factory was made at ZMZ.

On the 29-th of November, 2006 the state commission at final session at OAO "ZMZ" having examined total cycle of acceptance tests for pre-production models of ZMZ-5148 diesel engine equipped with “Common Rail”, "Euro - 3" confirmed availability of the engine design developed at ZMZ, for industrial production.

On the 21-st of December, 2006 the memorandum of intentions to create joint venture for manufacture of diesel engines, F1A series in Russia was signed between JSC "Severstal - auto" and Fiat Powertrain Technologies at ZMZ at the presence of the governor of Nizhniy Novgorod region V.Shantzev. The project will be realized at industrial site of Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod.

In May 2007. OAO " ZMZ ", on results of an ecological rating of 137 Russian leading companies carried out by the International social and economic union (ISEU) and Independent ecological rating agency (ANO "NERA"), was in first 10 leaders by four of six variants of ranging on ecological business efficiency

In September, 2007 in ZMZ within the framework of joint venture " Severstal - auto " with Fiat Powertrain Technologies scale works on preplanning for engines F1A had been carried out in production site of the plant.

In order to locate new production the actual factory building 6 had been emptied with total area of 30 thousand sq.m. In short time without a stop of the main assembly conveyor and keeping rates of product manufacturing 678 units of equipment had been moved from the sixth building and remounted in other shops of the plant. Then civil works had begun at once.

In OAO "ZMZ" with the purpose to expand applicability of output production the mock-up of "Euro - 3» petrol engine ZMZ-4054.10 (2,5 l) for light duty vehicle " Ducato " was made.

On 29th November, within the framework of the ecological requirements "Euro - 3» introduction into action in territory of Russia since 1st January 2008 the first trial lot of "Euro - 3» 4-cylinder petrol engines for vehicles of GAZ and UAZ had been assembled on ZMZ main assembly conveyor.

In December 2007, the project on enterprise future development was realized. Within 1 year the development and improvement of a new product design that was "Euro - 3" petrol engine families- had been done in parallel with preplanning in ZMZ.

Since January 2008 in ZMZ within the framework of the "Euro - 3" requirements introduction into action in territory of Russia, the large-scale output of "Euro - 3"4-cylinder petrol engines for vehicles of GAZ and UAZ automobile plants was started.

In February 2008, ZMZ was acquired Conformance Certificate ensuring that ecological management system of enterprise corresponds to requirements of international standard ISO 14 001-2007.

In March 2008, OAO «ZMZ» got approval from Fiat for installation of engine ZMZ-405 (2,5 l) in vehicle Fiat-Ducato, as correspondent one on technical performance to European requirements.

In March 2008, in 3 rd shop of OAO «ZMZ» a new conveyor of ZMZ-5143 diesel engine industrial assembly that had been moved from shop 6 was put in full capacity.

16th April 2008 14ooooooth engine was produced in main conveyor of ZMZ. The “14 million»-anniversary engine was “Euro-3” petrol engine 406 of family ZMZ-409.04 (2,7 l).

13th August 2008 the trademark “Double life” was officially registered.

In September 2008, 3 prototypes of “Euro-4” diesel engine ZMZ-51432 equipped with fuel system Common Rail made by «BOSCH» in compound of vehicle UAZ-Hunter were prepared.

Since 1st October 2008 Organization Management System (OMS) was introduced in ZMZ, corresponding to requirements of international automotive standard ISO/TS 16 949 version 2002.

18th February 2009 OAO «ZMZ» signed a contract with Z «Ford Motor Company» (FMC) on supply of parts – 4 types of brackets – for vehicles «Ford-Focus», that are assembled in enterprise Ford in Vsevolzhsk.

For Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod the contract with FMC is the first project in the history of enterprise in such direction of activity as production of automotive components under orders of foreign automotive companies working in the territory of Russia.

In may 2009 in experimental shop of ZMZ new V-form 8-cylinder engine with increased displacement to 5,05 l has past the evaluation tests and successfully confirmed stated technical performances on power and torque

ZMZ designers under order of Pavlovskiy autobus plant have developed V-8 Version (5,05 l) with increased power characteristics. Singularity of new «eight» is in a potential of work with compressed natural gas.

In August 2009 ZMZ was got new Accreditation Certificate of “Motor” R&D center for technical competence in certification system GOST R and international standard ISO with validity term till 2014, which gives right to make certification tests of automotive production as of local automotive makers so foreign.

In August 2009 ZMZ mutually with UAZ and Ministry of Defense made standardized tests of military modification of the vehicle Hunter with diesel engine ZMZ -5143. Diesel engine was accepted for kitting to military off-road vehicles.

2nd November ZMZ in accordance with approved schedule completely finished transfer of nuts and bolts production (manufacturing parts from rolled sheet) for outsourcing to company «Fleig and Hommel».

25 November 2009. ZMZ with positive results past main certification audit of organization management system (OMS) on correspondence to requirements of international standard ISO/TS 16 949 version 2009.

From 1st December 2009 . ZMZ completely stopped sewage disposal from its industrial site to Volga river. In framed of realized ecological project, investment volume, which amount to 14,0 mio RUR.,in ZMZ two rainwater disposals to Volga river were closed.

February, 2010. The new license for educational activities was given to JSC "ZMZ" with validity till 2015. The enterprise has the right to carry out the advanced training, training and retraining of workers with respect to 47 professions of machine-building branch.

March, 2010. Certificate of conformity of organizational management system (JSC "ZMZ") with ISO/TS 16 949, international automobile standard (2009 version), was handed over to JSC "ZMZ" with validity till February, 2013. ZMZ became the first engine plant which was given the certificate of ISO/TS 16 949 conformity of its organizational management system.

April, 16th, 2010. JSC "ZMZ" was awarded by the Diploma of the first-degree by name of I.P. Kulibina in the nomination of "The best industrial prototype in the sphere of the land transportation" for diesel engine such as ZMZ-5143.10 and five Diplomas of the second-degree and the third-degree in the nominations of "Land transportation", "Transportation" and "Mechanical engineering" for the automobile components' patents such as a driven disks, a piston, a valve cover, a valve spring cap, a washing drying machine for cleaning of case-type parts according to results of IV regional competition of subjects of intellectual property named "The patent of the year".

Sergey P. Jurasov was appointed as the general director of JSC "ZMZ" beginning from May 6th, 2010 by the decision of the meeting of the board of directors of "ZMZ" on May 4th, 2010.

The decision of formation of unified management structure of JSC "ZMZ" was adopted with the purpose of optimization of key management processes, increase of effectiveness of communications and business management efficiency.

June, 2010. The status “Q1-supplier - guaranteed quality of Ford” was received by JSC “ZMZ”. JSC “ZMZ” was introduced in the global supplier database in this status.

"Q1-supllier" is a very high-level, dynamically developing supplier that meets the international and specific requirements of “Ford” according to suppliers’ rating of “Ford”.

June, 2010. " ZMZ " and its associated companies such as " RosLit " and «Metalloform» passed successfully the industrial audit for reception of the status of the potential supplier within the bounds of the joint project of this company with “AvtoVAZ” to be carried out by "RENAULT-NISSAN" company. 

July 2010. The test center "Motor " " ZMZ" confirmed the validity of the Certificate of accreditation on technical competence in certification system of GOST R and the international standard ISO to be given out in 2009, which give the right to carry out the certification test of products of automobile production both domestic and foreign auto makers.

Prototypes of engines to be run with gas fuel used in the combined electric power plants according to the agreement with NAMI (Research automobile and motor institute) in the bounds of the government contract were manufactured at "ZMZ".

August, 2010. "ZMZ" carries out the certification of gasoline V-shaped eight-cylinder engine ZMZ-52342.10 for "PAZ" buses on conformity to the requirements of Euro-4 (ecological class 4) by the agreement with "Pavlovsky bus" Ltd.

September, 2010. Preproduction of control arms for UAZ cars was fulfilled at "ZMZ".

The first-off production batch of brackets CD for Ford cars was manufactured at "ZMZ" and supplied to the plants of Europe (Germany, Spain) on September, 30th.

October, 2010. "ZMZ" proceeded to the projects of R&D and preproduction of a diesel engine of the ecological class "Euro-4" for perspective models of UAZ cars. Prototypes are produced and their tests are carried out on the experimental base of ZMZ, UAZ and divisions of "BOSCH" company.

Inspection audit of organizational management system in national system of GOST R on confirmation of the validity of the given out Russian Certificate for a year passed successfully at “ZMZ” on October, 21st.

Inspection audit of organizational management system on confirmation of the validity of the given out Certificate of conformity to requirements of international automobile standard ISO/TS 16 949 of version 2009 for a year passed successfully at “ZMZ” on October, 29th.

The diploma confirming the status of Q1-supplier of Ford company was handed over to "ZMZ" on November, 9th, 2010.

“ZMZ” was awarded by the Diploma and the movable goblet for the champion according to the inspection results for the best organizational work with the youth among the enterprises of municipal education of Nizhniy Novgorod region in the bounds of XII regional “Gold hands” competition in the November.

Pilot batch of the rebuilt clutch for gasoline motors of UAZ advanced car family of in-house design was manufactured on December, 2010.

Preproduction of stock gasoline engines to be run on twin fuel of ZMZ-409 (2,7 l) for UAZ cars of wagon-type cab and advanced car family to be equipped with gas tank equipment was completed on December.

The first-off batch of twin fuel engines was shipped to YAZ.

“ZMZ” was completed II stage of work for production of special purpose motors the combined power plant with NAMI (Research automobile and motor institute) successfully in the bounds of government contract on December.

Three four-cylinder engines viz.: the natural gas engine in the amount of one piece, diesel engines with Common Rail system in the amount of two pieces were manufactured.

Engines in the combined power plant were installed in LiAZ and PAZ buses and passed the testing successfully.

Government commission accepted the results of testing of the carried out testing positively.

January 2011. OAO "ZMZ " was awarded with the Letter of thanks of Gorodez region Administration « For the big contribution to strengthening of social and economic partnership and diligent performance of obligations of the contract "Commonwealth" 2010 ».

March 2011. OAO "ZMZ "was awarded with the Diploma of the winner of the All-Russia competition « the Best Russian enterprises. Dynamics, efficiency, responsibility - 2010 » in a nomination « For development of power saving technologies and power efficiency of production ».

On 13th July 2011 working group on modernization of monocities at the Governmental commission of the Russian Federation on economic development and integration in Zavolzhje and Pavlovo in Nizhniy Novgorod region visited ZMZ manufacturing site within the framework of visiting mission.

In October 2011. OAO "ZMZ" with a positive estimation passed 2 inspection audits: in national system GOST R on validity acknowledgement of the Russian Certificate and system ISO - on validity acknowledgement of the Certificate of conformity to requirements of international automobile standard ISO/TS 16949 version 2009.

Validity of Certificates are acknowledged for one year.

On 30th November 2011 ZMZ first EURO 4 4-cylinder petrol engines ZMZ-40905 and ZMZ-40911 (displacement 2,7 l ) were assembled on main assembly conveyor in mode of serial production   in order to practice production process.

These engines are intended for application in passenger cars «UAZ-Patriot» and «UAZ-Hunter» UAZ wagon type vehicles.

On 14th December 2011 assembly of first Euro-4 diesel engine was done.

Small displacement diesel engine of new generation ZMZ-51432 (2,2l) with fuel supply system «Common Rail» is an absolutely new product, which requires new technology of manufacturing and assembly.

New diesel engine will be produced in different new make for kitting of all family of UAZ passenger and truck vehicles.

Making set of activities on development of engines up to level of Euro 4 was organized with use of possibilities of technical bases and with participation of R&D specialists from chief designer department of ZMZ, UAZ, Bosch and enterprise –suppliers of components.

At the end of December 2011. after qualification tests in R&D shop of OAO “ZMZ”, Euro 4 petrol and diesel engines have been transferred to UAZ for master of technology for assembly of vehicle in conveyor.

In December 2011 in frames of strategy on diversification ZMZ under contract with «Knorr-Bremse» mastered

Technological processes of 2 new types of crankshafts for Avodiesel diesel engine compressors of project «KAMMINS- KAMA», and also adjustment of technological processes of KAMAZ compressor case were executed.

January 2012. OAO«ZMZ» was awarded with the Letter of thanks of Gorodez region Administration « For the big contribution to strengthening of social and economic partnership and diligent performance of obligations of the contract "Commonwealth" 2011 ».

. «ZMZ» under results of certification audit of employer activity on provision with safe labor conditions was awarded certificate of conformance on organization of activities on labor protection in enterprise to requirements of RF standard legal acts in sphere of labor protection.

Given certificate means that labor conditions and labor protection management system in ZMZ correspond not only requirements of RF Labor codex but to standards on labor protection of International labor organization and gives possibility to supply output production to global market.

23rd March 2012 ZMZ and German company «LEONI» signed the contract on purchase and sale of ZMZ building 6 with area 32 K sq.m.

LEONI became new resident of industrial park on production of automotive components being founded in ZMZ industrial site.

In March 2012 in frames of automotive components production development ZMZ started large-scale production supplies of automotive components new range for company «Knorr Bremse»: 2 new types of crankshafts – for compressors fo diesel engines of O «Avtodiesel» and for compressor for engine on project «KAMMINS-KAMA», and also KAMAZ compressor cases.

In April 2012 ZMZ produced first large-scale batch (359 pcs) of diesel engines of new design with Common Rail under orders UAZ for kitting of vehicles - «UAZ-Patriot», «UAZ-Hunter», «Cargo».

In May 2012 in web- of ZMZ new section «Services of the enterprise» is open.

5th June 2012 annual meeting of ZMZ shareholders took place.

6, 7 June in ZMZ meeting with SOLLERS general director V.A.Shvetzov: development perspective of ZMZ main competences – production of engines and automotive components, and also RosALit development strategy».

9 August 2012 in frames of development of automotive components a new project on base of RosAlit-ZMZ was started: contract with company «ZF- Kama» (Germany) was signed for production supplies of 6 name of aluminum castings of gearbox cases, which are installed in vehicles «KAMAZ»,plus machining of 2 case names.

9th August 1 stage of project realization of «SOLLERS – Spezavtomobili» in areas of ZMZ R&D shop. Production areas are prepared.First pilot batch of vehicles is assempled on base of Ford-Transit: «first aid» and «microbus».

22nd August the contract was concluded with company «Flaig+Hommel Grouppe», which has production of nuts and bolts located in Zavolzhje, which requires additional areas for location of its production, about sale of ZMZ package shop.

In September 2012 ZMZ expanded geography of global supplies of brackets under orders of “FORD” - start of supplies to Taiwan. Geography of global supplies: Europe, Argentina, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan.

In October 2012 Strategy committee of company «SOLLERS» took strategy on development of ZMZ industrial site.

«ZMZ» is separated in individual managing structure for foundation of industrial park of automotive component suppliers on base of manufacturing site with assignment of new general director – ..Matushin.

1st November 2012 in plant site ZMZ 100% subsidiary company – OOO “ZMZ-Avtokomponent» (manager is assigned A.N,Navolozkiy), which was given function on production of components keeping technical and human resources of the enterprise.

From 13th to 23rd November «ZMZ» with positive results past two recertification audits of organization management system (OMS) on receipt of new Certificates of conformance to requirements of standards GOST R and international automotive standard ISO/TS 16 949:2009 with validity term for next 3 years.

In December 2012 in frames of strategy development of industrial site ZMZ expanded range of new activity direction – rendering of paid infrastructure services for residents of industrial site: companies «LEONI», «Daido Metal Russia», «Trelleborg Automotive», «SOLLERS-Spezavtomobili».


January 2014.

01.01.2014 function on engine production is transferred to subsidiary company «Motor» keeping human and technical resources.

17th April 2014. – 56 years old from day of foundation of Zawolzhskiy motorniy zawod.

From 21-22nd April 2014 «ZMZ» past second scheduled inspection audit of Organization Management System (OMS) with positive results in GOST system with expansion of certification sphere on subsidiary companies «ZMZ-Avtokomponent» and «Motor».

29th April 2014. – annual shareholders meeting of «ZMZ».

August 2014. «ZMZ» and its subsidiary companies «ZMZ-Avtokomponent» and «Motor» got Certificates, certifying correspondence to quality management system applicable to design of engines and automotive components, production and sale of automotive components, service rendering on laboratory-measurement and metrology services, water supply and heat supply services, water discharge, and also training of personnel on requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008). Services were certified first time.

From 1st September 2014 . decision of ZMZ board of directors, Aleksey Kurbanaev is appointed as general director.

October 2014 «ZMZ» started execution of main stage of project on development of engines Euro 5 under requests of main customers: «UAZ», «PAZ» and new customer – company «Bow-RUS».

December 2014. In frames of development in its industrial site of «ZMZ» sign contract with next resident – company «Mobil GazService» on sale of building of electric shop under location of exhaust systems.

Zavolzhsky Motor Plant,
Address: 1a, Sovetskaya str., Zavolshye, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia, 606522
phone: (83161) 32578,
fax: (83161) 37242,
e-mail: zmz@zmz.ru

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