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Enterprise and society

Enterprise and society

PAO "ZMZ" was repeatedly awarded with « Certificate of the fair tax payer» by the Fiscal Ministry for taxes and dues of the Russian Federation.

As per results of 2014 ZMZ together with the subsidiary companies transferred 1, 258billion RUR to the budgets of all levels and non-budjetfunds .

329million RUR to the oblast budget, and 75 million RUR to the local budget. Insurance contributions were paid in amount of 428million RUR.

PAO "ZMZ» enterprise continually reduces ecological stress on environment.

PAO “ZMZ” is in "the white list" of enterprises of the Greenpeace, which propagandize the openness in the field of the environmental protection.

PAO “ZMZ” realized very important ecological project, volume of investments amounted to 16,0 Mln.RUR, on fully stopping of waste disposal from its industrial site through rainwater drainage system into Volga River.

The ecological management system of OAO"ZMZ" is certified for conformity to the requirements of international standards ISO 14 001.


PAO «ZawolzhskyMotornyZawod» keeps status of social oriented company .


ZMZ ranks among the winners of the competition «Russian organization of high social efficiency» for the third time. Two first awards were given according to results of the III and IV and V competitions: - «For achievements in the organizational management in social activity» and «For the organization of work with young generation» and in a field nomination "Mechanical engineering"..

The Collective Agreement is still valid in ZMZ.

In 2014 on financing of social program in frames of the collective agreement ZMZ spent 5,2mio RUR

Particularly for organization of summer vacations of employees and their children, payments of additional family allowances from 1,5 to 3 years, payment of funds for support for large family, single mothers, mothers with invalid children, widows, guardians: compensation of payment for kindergarten, lunch in school, purchase of school accessories.Annually ZMZ finances improvement of employee work conditions in frames of Agreement on labor safety.

Management of PAO "ZMZ" pays high attention to ensuring of safe working conditions.

In 2012 ZMZ under results of certification audit of employer activity on providing of safe labor conditions and certifying of working places according to labor conditions, activity of labor protection, made by NPZOT PFO in December 2011 has got Certificate of conformance to organization of activities on labor protection in enterprise according to requirements of RF standard legal acts in sphere of labor protection.

This certificate means that labor conditions and labor protection management system in ZMZ correspond to requirements of RF Labor codex and standards on labor protection of International labor organization (ILO) and gives for enterprise possibility to supply output production to global market.

In 2014 within the framework of the Collective Agreement the working conditions of 136 workers, including 49 women have been improved, implementation expenses amounted 2,65 million rubles.

As a whole during 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012,2013and 2014 working conditions of 433, 1650, 1627, 1395, 863, 1648, 441, 636, 1776, 560,429, 854, 485, 136 workers of the enterprise have been improved correspondingly. 

Costs amounted to 1,7 mln. RUR, 2,5 mln.RUR., 5,8 mln.RUR., 5,5 mln. RUR., 4,5 mln.RUR. , 4,9 mln. RUR. , 10,0 mln. RUR., 4,8 mln. RUR. , 4,0 mln. RUR. , 3,8 mln. RUR ,4,4mln.RUR, 3,8 mln RUR, 2,2 mln RUR, 2,65 RUR.

PAO "ZMZ" was awarded with the Thanks Letter from Department of social protection of the population, work and employment of the Nizhniy Novgorod region "For active work for creation of healthy and safe working conditions of workers" and participation in the regional competition "The best enterprise, municipal district in a labor protection".

In 2014 PAO”ZMZ” was awarded with Thanks Letter from Administration of Gorodez region for great input in strengthening of social and economic partnership and fair fulfillment of the contract “

Further more several corporate programs are active in ZMZ:

«Senior generation» according to which more than 5,0 million rubles are spent annually for rendering of moneyed assistance to veterans of war and labor, former ZMZ workers, financing their medical treatment in sanatorium-preventorium and for various events (rest parties, clubs on interests, anniversary celebrations «Gold wedding», congratulations on the 8-th of March, Victory Day).

" PAO "ZMZ" Youth Development" - competitions of professional skill "Able fingers", scientific and technical conferences among ZMZ young experts, awarding "young engine-builder” title, parties seeing-of for army duty, creative competitions - KVN (Club of cheerful and sharp-witted), Ms. ZMZ, bardic song, spots days, competitions «Daddy, mum, me are a sports family», tour competitions

In frames of XII region competition “Golden Hands» in professional mastership of working youth ОАО «ZMZ» was awarded with Diploma and Challenge for 1st place according to results of best work organization with youth among enterprises of municipal education in Nizhniy Novgorod.

" Family" - the family quizzes dated by Mother's Day, Day of family, Day of children protection, round tables on most vital issues, parties « Warm of mother's heart », creative competitions «Our contemporary», " I was given a birth" (celebration of young families with birth of a child), conquest of children's pictures.

"Health protection" - occupational examinations of OAO "ZMZ" workers dealing with harmful working conditions, and also scheduled medical examinations of all employees including subsidiary production units are carried out. Sports competitions, labor safety and improvement of working conditions, providing of recreation and medical treatment of the employees, development of the recreation center, a sanatorium-preventorium and children's sanitary camp.

There has been developed system of internal company personnel training at OAO “ZMZ”, which covers all category of the workers- from workers up to managers.

About 90 % of the personnel is trained internally in the company.

In April 2011 PАО «ZMZ» was given the License for educational activity, which gives right for enterprise on its educational base to improve qualification and training and retraining of workers on 46 professions in machine building industry. Validitytermofthelicenseisunlimited.

Zavolzhsky Motor Plant,
Address: 1a, Sovetskaya str., Zavolshye, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia, 606522
phone: (83161) 32578,
fax: (83161) 37242,
e-mail: zmz@zmz.ru

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