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General information


PAO «Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod» (ZMZ) belongs to OAO “SOLLERS”group.


Production activity was structured into three main directions: production of engines and components for requests of main customers (UAZ, PAZ, aftermarket); development of production of automotive components under orders of foreign companies; implementation of complex reengineering of industrial site with development of industrial park.

  • Management system of OAO "ZMZ is certified for correspondence to requirements of international automotive standard ISO/TS 16 949 vesrion 2009 and standard GOST ISO 9001-2011.
  • There is a Research and Development center in industrial site of ZMZ


Testing center "Motor" of PAO "ZMZ" has right to make certification tests of automobile production: petrol and diesel engines, assys and components tothem as local so foreign automotive manufacturers.


Output goods:
engine corresponding to modern ecological requirements

  • Implementation of EURO 5 engine production and performance of serial supplies:
  •  4-cylinder engines: gasoline ZMZ-409051.10 and gaz&gazoline LPG ЗМЗ-409052.10 of increased power for new family of commercial vehicles LLC «UAZ» - «UAZ PROFI»
  • Production and supply for spare parts gasoline engines of lower ecological classes:

- ZMZ-4062.10, ZMZ-4052.10, ZMZ-4092.10 – for vehicles «Volga» of group «GAZ»,

- ZMZ-4061.10, ZMZ-4063.10, ZMZ-40522.10, ZMZ-40524.10 – for vehicles «Gazel», «Sobol» of group «GAZ»,

- ZMZ -511.10, ZMZ -513.10, ZMZ - 5231.10, ZMZ -5233.10 – for trucks of group «GAZ»,

- ZMZ -5234.10, ZMZ -52342.10 – for buses PAZ,

- ZMZ - 409.10, ZMZ -4091.10 – for vehicles «UAZ» of old range,

- ZMZ -40904.10, ZMZ -40905.10 and diesel engines ZMZ-5143.10, ZMZ-51432.10 – for vehicles UAZ of passenger car and truck range .


Development of directions on diversification:

Implementation of industrial production and serial supplies of new range of automotive components: transmission parts for commercial vehicles UAZ , including UAZ PROFI.


Automotive components under orders of foreign automotive companies

(on base of RosALit)

1. - for «Ford»:

- Brackets of transmission and brackets of conditioner compressor (casting + machining) . Serial supplies are performed since February 2009 ;

- Cylinder block, cylinder head, ladderframe (casting + pre-machining) for engines of family FORD SIGMA – supplies to LLC “FordSollers Elabuga » (Tatarstan).

Serial supplies are performed since October 2015


2. for «ZF-Kama»:

- Six names of gear box housings (casting+ machining of 2 part names) .

Serial supplies are performed since IV quarter 2013 .

Since September –October 2017 – start of serial supplies of 4 name of machined gear box housings.


Development of industrial park on base of PAO "ZMZ"

PAO "ZMZ" by means of complex reengineering of industrial site with aim to improve effective use of existing infrastructure from 2012 develops direction on development of industrial park in its industrial site.

In frames of given direction PAO "ZMZ" uses own funds of the company on preparation of empty production areas (rent, purchase) under requests of potential residents) 





Zavolzhsky Motor Plant,
Address: 1a, Sovetskaya str., Zavolshye, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia, 606522
phone: (83161) 32578,
fax: (83161) 37242,
e-mail: zmz@zmz.ru

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