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Approval of Supplier

Approval of Supplier

Q-ZMZ status

The recognition of the supplier by OAO "ZMZ" is the motivating tool directed towards the development of competitiveness among suppliers in the field of improvement of delivery reliability. The recognition of the supplier is assumed to grant the certain rights and preferences to the best suppliers as compared to other suppliers and the consumer on behalf of OAO "ZMZ".

Main purpose for the supplier of OAO "ZMZ" is obtaining the highest recognition from OAO "ZMZ" that is granting of  Q-ЗМЗ status to the supplier.

4 Key elements are the precondition for reception Q-ZMZ status for the supplier:

1. Conformity of a quality management system of the supplier to the current requirements of OAO "ZMZ".

2. Positive experience of realization АРQР- project and paper work according to РРАР together with OAO "ZMZ".

3. Availability of the certificate for "Right of production delivery to OAO "ZMZ" without the inspection test".

4. Availability of a quarterly estimation such as "GOOD" according to STP 37.304.746 "Order of an estimation of suppliers” within 4 quarters.

Supplier development department

Tel./fax: +7(83161) 3 76 36

е-mail: utap@zmz.ru

Technological department on incoming production quality assurance

Tel.:+7(83161) 6 69 19

Zavolzhsky Motor Plant,
Address: 1a, Sovetskaya str., Zavolshye, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia, 606522
phone: (83161) 32578,
fax: (83161) 37242,
e-mail: zmz@zmz.ru

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