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OAO Zavolzhsky motorny zavod invites You to business cooperation and offer partnership under contractual basis.

Its necessary to perform following steps for the establishment of contractual relations with OAO "ZMZ":

1. A supplier sends a quotation indicating his requisites for name of head of division in purchasing department according to different direction of OAO "ZMZ" activities:

Deputive Director - Director of purchasing department, OAO "SOLLERS":

Alexander PROKHOROV;

Components (electrical equipment, general mechanical rubber goods, metal ware) manager of component purchasing division (DZK):

Ekaterina SHIRAY;

Ph.: + 7 (8422) 40 69 49
Fax: + 7 (495) 228 30 44.

Metal and metal-roll, auxiliary materials and chemical agents manager of materials & metal products purchasing division (DZMiM):

Daniil P.Orlov

Ph.: + 7 (8422) 40 60 47
Fax: + 7 (8422) 40 62 26.

Raw Material Purchasing Department Manager - Alexander Matveev +7 (8422) 40 66 01

Metal Purchasing Department Manager - Stanislav Skilsara +7 (8422) 40 65 81

The equipment, tooling, office technique and furniture manager of non-productive purchasing division (DNZ):

Valeria E. Syrova;
Ph.: +7 (8422)79 70 56
Fax.: +7 (8422) 79 75 26;


2. The supplier receives decision of possible cooperation on the basis of correspondence questionnaire poll (Supplier's Questionnaire. Instruction to Supplier's Questionnaire ) and walk-in assessment of production floor spaces of the supplier for conformance with requirements of OAO "ZMZ" and organization of the production process and quality assuarance system, and the Specific Requirements of OAO "ZMZ" (here and further is applicable for purchases of production materials, ingots, parts)

3.Representatives of OAO "Sollers" in the person of purchase specilats according to analysis of received quotations and considering results of supplier production site assessment draw up decision about selection of the supplier and send a nomination letter for execution of activities on mastering of automotive components.

During technological preplanning of the Supplier:

Organizational and technical project is drawn up in ZMZ;

In case of necessity the contract with Supplier is concluded for testing of samples;

At discretion of the manager of production procurement division, APQP schedule is formed project APQP schedule on planning of the perspective production by the Supplier mutually with specialists of technological department of kitting and external supplies, Engineering department;

Preparation of supplies is carried out by Supplier-challenger (production process, packing, container, logistics in accordance with requirements of OAO ZMZ);

Documents and samples are drawn-up and submitted to the Customer in accordance with table 4.1 " PPAP guidelines. Part production approval process" according agreed level of submitting to ZMZ;

Decision is taken and acceptance of production process is carried out for "ZMZ" during pilot production at supplier facility. Part submission warrant is drawn up for approval of the automotive component production;

Supply of build-up batch to ZMZ;

Approbation of build-up lot in ZMZ

4. In case of positive results of pilot batch approbation and signing of Part submission warrant the bilateral contract will be concluded on serial supplies in OAO ZMZ.



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